"It would take much more than a page to list all of Melissa's wonderful qualities and how happy we were that we hired her to help plan our Atlanta wedding from D.C. She is thorough, professional, classy, tactful, but most importantly, friendly and relatable. Melissa started with our venue search and stuck with us when we were trying to make the impossible wedding happen in North Georgia. We finally settled on an Atlanta venue, and she worked tirelessly to take care of the little details that went into the big day. My now-husband and I are both in school and working, and Melissa worked around our schedules for phone calls and gave us nudges when a big decision was coming up. I frequently relied on her for advice that was probably more in the Mom department than wedding planner extraordinaire, but Melissa never missed a beat.In fact, I think she may live for spreadsheets and organization. I *always* felt like Melissa had time to talk with me and she did a great job managing our vendors, particularly when we weren't quite communicating well with them. Melissa has a great relationship with the Atlanta wedding community and always took the reigns when I wanted/needed her to...  Click here to read full review.  - Blair, bride

"Just the name Pretty Swell Parties makes me smile so it was a pleasure when I met with Melissa Bloomfield to discuss handling the “Day Of” coordination for our daughter’s wedding. Most of the major decisions had been made but I knew that I wanted, and needed, someone to ensure that I could enjoy one of the happiest days of daughter’s life. It was a wonderful decision. After so many months handling all the logistics of this wedding, with the bride in San Francisco, and me and the wedding venue in Atlanta, we all floated through the big event and gave over to Melissa all the last minute details and issues. Our wedding was just perfection to us on so many levels, and Melissa is one of the reasons.

Melissa is kind, joyful, thorough, professional-all attributes that come into play when there is a large production to handle. So many little details where managed seamlessly so that we could focus our attention on the bride, all our family and friends and the wedding itself.

There is so much value in knowing that every plan and detail have been handled and there is someone ensuring that your wedding is a loving, happy memory. Click here to read full review.  -  Nancy, mother of the bride


"My wife, Blake and I had the pleasure of using Pretty Swell Parties as our Wedding Planners and are SO glad we did. Originally, we were unsure if a Wedding Planner was a priority within our budget, but Melissa and Gina were worth every penny, and then some, then some more. They were organized, professional, knowledgeable, helpful and every other positive adjective that I can't think of.

There is a lot of stress in planning and executing an event like a wedding, and they completely shouldered the burden. My wife and I felt completely at ease the day of our wedding, because of how well everything was planned out. Being neurotic like I am, I kept waiting for "that thing" to go wrong. It never did. They wouldn't allow it. I still can't believe the event was as smooth and precise as it was...Click here to read full review. " - Daniel, groom