What will your groom remember?

So much of wedding planning is centered around the bride and what she'd like her wedding day to be. 

But even if your guy doesn't care which way the napkins are folded, or what specialty cocktail you decide to serve, he will certainly have his own set of memories. 

Wondering what types of things stand out for the guys? We asked a handful of our favorite guys about their best wedding memories. Here is what they had to say: 

The details are all a blur, but I think the memory I took away from our wedding day was realizing how happy my wife was to see all the planning and coordination come to fruition. Everything went so perfectly that it was even more beautiful and more fun then we could have ever imagined. 


Normally we prefer to stay out of the lime light, but  my bride looked so stunning on our wedding day that it felt like I was escorting an 'A list' celebrity actress to a high profile televised event.  


I have so many favorite memories of my wedding day.  Waking up and realizing I was about to marry the love of my life. Getting ready with my Dad and my brother.  Celebrating with our friends and family at a reception that is still talked about among our friends as one of the most fun weddings ever.  But of all the memories, my absolute favorite is holding hands with my bride under the chuppah, totally oblivious to what the rabbi was saying, just thinking that I could not wait to get our life started together.  And that applause from the crowd when I stepped on the glass and kissed my new bride and felt prouder and happier than I ever had.  That's my favorite memory.


I think my favorite memory from my wedding (aside from the obvious) was two-fold.

One was my grandfather getting up and speaking, which he didn't do for any other weddings. He was on his last legs, and had really kind of rallied big time just to make it to this one. 
He took a turn after that and died the following February, but he always loved my wife and it was incredibly moving that he spoke.

The other thing I loved was just that all of the events were at the hotel, which meant that everyone was around to hang out the entire weekend. As a wedding guest, you always get to hang out with your friends, but when you are in the wedding, you barely have time to say hello to anyone.

I felt like I really got the chance to spend quality time with friends and family because we all were there with nowhere else really to go, and that made the weekend all the more special.


Second Line Parade!  We got married in New Orleans and the entire wedding party and all of our guests marched through the French Quarter dancing behind a brass band for 30-45 minutes.  People were coming out of bars and handing everyone drinks, and everyone on the street cheered for us as we marched and danced past.  Our feet were exhausted by the time it was over, but it was worth it!


My best memory from the wedding weekend was the first time I saw my wife in her dress. It had been less than 24 hrs since I saw her, but it felt like it had been weeks because of all of the chaos leading up to the big day. The anticipation leading up to the exact moment made it even better and it was very special to have a private moment where we could just enjoy 
being together and not have to think about anything else. 


A special thanks to our friends for sharing these wonderful memories!