On Marriage

When you are a wedding planner, you hear a lot of toasts. Some are lovely, some hilarious, and let's face it, some are just plain awful.

There have been many times when a good toast has gotten me teary-eyed, but this past summer, I heard one that was so touching and sweet, it just stuck with me. 

It was given by the bride's sister who was the Maid of Honor. She had found a post-it note at their grandmother's home (pictured below), and saved it for the occasion.  On it were these words:

Love is so many things. 
It's being romantic; it's being practical. 
It's speaking kind words. It's forgiving unkind ones. 

It's changing the baby, fixing a tire, mowing the lawn, holding hands, 
holding a basin when someone is sick. 

People need different things at different times, and that's what real love is. 
Doing what the person you love needs at the moment. 

Excellent advice, and so well said.